Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looking Forward

   We are going somewhere. That I know for sure. Where are we going? this question seems to be on everybody's mind, from the environmental movement's vision of flooded cities to empiricism's nuclear war with Iran, everybody seems to know how the world is going to fail, collapse, and run itself into the ground. As a result everybody is running around pointing fingers, laying blame, and protesting. I am not one to discount protesting, but it must have a cause and therefore a purpose. As we can see with the recent, and sadly continuing, Occupy Wall Street protests a movement without a clear cause and leverage will fail. What am i trying to say here you ask? well my good sir or madam, I do declare that now is not the time for blame and punishment but for change and action. You all know the idiom "lead by example", yet we always seem to point to others to change before we will and justify out stalwart defiance of our own morality with blame and finger pointing. 

     We are not children anymore. For at least 15 years there has been this thing called the internet, a limitless index of the world where one can find somebody doing something wrong simply by clicking a button or two. But how often do we see somebody doing something good? I am sure to get into what i mean by good and wrong eventually but for now just think of widely accepted ethos. Anyways, the prominence of the negative in the news, in our conversations, and across the world wide web is a demonstrably bad thing for those of us who look to the future. One of many scientific reports on brain function. Our inundation with the negative has led to innately pessimistic world views. Do you what we get when we think the world is a shitty place? We make the world the exact shitty place we envision. (Islamaphobia, American Empires, Organized Crime, Pills for just about anything, etc.) There is plenty of bad in this world, and it will spread and spread until we really do have flooded cities and nuclear war, but that is just another example of how powerful negative thinking is. As soon as I thought about examples to write down, I wanted them to become true. 
     The purpose of this blog is to highlight the good in the world. Like everybody else, I cannot help but rant and rave from time to time about all the bad in the world but that is counterproductive. I will try to focus on the incredible advances being made in  science, culture, and business not just in the US but around the world, because the world is a fantastic place and we live in exciting times. I do not believe in moralizing other's actions for the most part. The only good characteristic of a group of people to have is a mutual respect for life. Beyond that I believe that a people should have the rights and ability to make their own lives great.
    Back to the first question. Where are we going? I some ideas, none of which will be what actually happens but that's because the future will be just as huge and complex as the past, and to know how every detail is going to play out is just about impossible. There are a couple great things I see in the future. First off, Trans-humanism. If you have ever heard this word before, then you'd know it is the transcending of biological carbon based life to a hybrid between technology and metallic information (byte) and organic information (DNA). Using Moore's Law we can see that we can expect to see some incredible advances in medicine, physics and life through the progression of the technological age. Another, is the development of so called 3rd world countries. The populations of developed people should invest in the development of the third world. We have seen some incredible progress in just about every facet of life even in the last ten years, but that progress has been spear headed by less than 10% of the world's population. Imagine what we could do with something like 80,90, or 100% of the world's people when nobody needs to struggle on a daily basis to eat or have clean drinking water. When the whole world's population puts their minds together the advances we could see are inconceivable.
     So it is pretty clear that I don't know where I am going, much less where the world is going but we are going somewhere. I will do my best to highlight the progress, deify the advances, and promote positiveness. For I don't want to see the world as a shitty, corrupt, evil place. 

"Evil people never believe they are evil, but rather that everyone else is evil" -Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace RIP

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