Monday, March 26, 2012

SOPA ALERT 3/26/2012

First now YouTube censorship. Me thinks this documentary might be interesting.

I really hope I'm wrong about this

I think SOPA has already been put into action.

It failed the congress, but that doesn't mean the tactics it described could not be implemented in another area of the government.


That excuse has been told time after time. Like the private army stationed PERMANENTLY in Iraq?

I can't say that I'm surprised though. And something tells me nothing is going to happen... nothing that we hear about at least. but then we will just be hearing noise from the government, noise they calculate that we want to hear. "I have absolutely no respect for the government." is something I hear all too often. There is a tremendous burden placed upon the idea of 'government', yet we still elect the same assholes year after year.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Excellent Excerpt

[A secret meeting between a disguised-as-a-cross-dresser FBI agent, Steeply, and handicapped member of a Quebec based terrorist cell, Marathe, atop a desert shelf outside of Tuscan.]
   'There is the villain he saw you needed, all of you, to delay this splitting apart. To keep you together, the hating some other. [President] Gentle is crazy in his head, but in this "fault of someone" he was correct in saying it. Un ennemi commun. But not someone outside you, this enemy. Someone of some people among you won history sometime killed out U.S.A. nation already, Hugh. Someone who had authority, or should have had authority and did not exercise authority. I do not know. But someone sometime let you forget how to choose, and what. Someone let your peoples forget it was the only thing of importance, choosing. So completely forgetting that when I way choose to you you make expressions with you face such as "Herrrrre we are going." Someone taught that temples are for fanatics only and took away the temples and promised there was no need for temples. And now There is no shelter. An no map for finding the shelter of a temple. And you all stumble about in the dark, this confusion of permissions. The without-end point pursuit of a happiness of which someone let you forget the old things which made happiness possible. How is it you say: "Anything is going"?'

Friday, February 10, 2012

Holistic Cancer Research

This new study adds to the growing catalog of scientific research confirming thousands of years of 'homeopathic' medicine. This huge tradition of healing plants, practices, and philosophies has largely been ignored by western culture, yet the native Americans, south-eastern Asians, and countless other country's natives cultures have used roots, spiritualism, and 'alternative' practices to keep their people healthy. Although these peoples did not produce the kinds of advances that we talk about today, but they did create a sustainable civilization which maintained itself for much, much longer than any western culture has ever done. But finally a resurgence of holistic medicine has paralleled much research and scientific theory backing this ancient tradition of looking at medicine in a comprehensive way. The interrelated nature of health is becoming more and more apparent. Like how something so simple as not eating for a period of 36 to 48 hours can significantly decrease the ability of cancerous cells to continue to grow. 

"For example, multiple cycles of fasting combined with chemotherapy cured 20 percent of mice with a highly aggressive type of children's cancer that had spread throughout the organism and 40 percent of mice with a more limited spread of the same cancer.
No mice survived in either case if treated only with chemotherapy"

I can only hope that this trend continues to find more and more scientific backing for a long tradition of medicine. From diets that help to cure cancer and reverse heart disease, to fasting to cleanse the body of toxins and now cancer. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Future Tech:

Could you imagine a world where solar panels were not only useful and efficient, but the norm? A world without any need for coal or oil fueled power plants far away pumping power all over the country to satisfy the needs of the people and instead have each person or community create and provide their own energy, only for the cost of grid and panel upkeep? This would be the Quantum Age. There was a discovery years ago that has been puzzling scientists everywhere. In 2007, a group of scientists found that photosynthesis is based in quantum mechanics. In fact, photosynthesis is most likely one of the most important adaptations of life to manipulate light (and space time as most know it). It is quite literally the basis of life as we know it. Yet we still do not know how it works, not properly at least.
Anyone who has taken an introductory biology class will know that there is much about photosynthesis that we do know. We know all the proteins and chemical changes, all the inputs and outputs, and much more. Yet the process of converting light (in wave form) into an electrical charge has all but escaped us. Sure photovoltaic cells use light to create a electrical charge but it is on such a macro scale when compared to the quantum computations of authentic photosynthesis.
One of the largest barriers for the development of solar cells with this tech is simply that there is much to learn about quantum computation and manipulating waves. There have been teams that have stopped light and sound but most of the other theories are purely theoretical. As this field is advanced more and more (quantum mechanics) there is a bright future ahead of us. The scale of technology is rapidly approaching quantum levels where even computers will be implementing quantum mechanics to make better and faster machines.
Soon enough we will grow out of the byte age and enter the quantum age. bending the laws of nature to grow, learn and prosper.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts on Being

What is it that connects two brains. We surely have the ability to connect with people but we surely are separate. But in reality it is this myth that we have created in order to judge well and quickly. The self reflective process is an interesting philosophical topic to address. It seems apparent that the only real separation between humanity and the rest of mammals is the separation between mind and body, between the experience of living and of life itself. It is the basis of cause and effect. Brain growth could very well be the cause of the log of cause and effect that is the human experience. we are right away given names, labeled, organized, put to work, and told it is this thing called "life".

RE:Race, America, and white folks
My friend just posted an interesting article on his blog on race, and I thought I would take the change to put down some thoughts. First off, don't know everything about race and its role in my life but I do know that I, being a white male of northern European decent, have benefited from racism. That much is pretty much undeniable, but although I have benefited from the institutionalized state of racial inequality I do not support the moral justifications of many in civil right movements. Many times, the stated goal (which i support wholeheartedly) is to create an even playing field in terms of race in the economy. This come across for the most part as promoting 'whiteness' in a Black, Latino, Asian, etc. community. This is unacceptable to me. I believe the very thing we need to be fighting against is the very concept of 'whiteness' and what it means to us. Over the history of the United States, there have been campaign after campaign to assimilate immigrants into the concept of 'white'.
(not me, hopefully ever)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Net Neutrality

The webs are abuzz with the upcoming SOPA legislation and its implications for freedom on the internet. Although it looks like the people's voices have been heard, as Obama's White house released a statement which says that he does not support this legislation and will not sign it if it passes in congress. Read the full statement here. Yet, in the same statement, a new legislation to extend US sovereignty to the computers of foreign citizens and companies is promoted. I do not think this is a good path for the US government to go down. We are every day looking more and more like an empire, a form of government I do not support.

Looking Forward

   We are going somewhere. That I know for sure. Where are we going? this question seems to be on everybody's mind, from the environmental movement's vision of flooded cities to empiricism's nuclear war with Iran, everybody seems to know how the world is going to fail, collapse, and run itself into the ground. As a result everybody is running around pointing fingers, laying blame, and protesting. I am not one to discount protesting, but it must have a cause and therefore a purpose. As we can see with the recent, and sadly continuing, Occupy Wall Street protests a movement without a clear cause and leverage will fail. What am i trying to say here you ask? well my good sir or madam, I do declare that now is not the time for blame and punishment but for change and action. You all know the idiom "lead by example", yet we always seem to point to others to change before we will and justify out stalwart defiance of our own morality with blame and finger pointing.