Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts on Being

What is it that connects two brains. We surely have the ability to connect with people but we surely are separate. But in reality it is this myth that we have created in order to judge well and quickly. The self reflective process is an interesting philosophical topic to address. It seems apparent that the only real separation between humanity and the rest of mammals is the separation between mind and body, between the experience of living and of life itself. It is the basis of cause and effect. Brain growth could very well be the cause of the log of cause and effect that is the human experience. we are right away given names, labeled, organized, put to work, and told it is this thing called "life".

The concept of human nature plays an interesting role here in that it takes the shape of what we see, what we emulate, and how we judge. We assume everybody is, and must be, like us. You need reassurance that what you have been told is not a lie. The label, the status, the friends, the family. as a people we avoid the most foundational questions in order to make it easier to live in this world. We are given nothing but sullen pity in return when seeking reassurance in their world. Told not to worry about it, the 'sickness' will pass. But that phenomenon is just a certain skepticism. The concept of mind and body as two distinct things destroys a person's natural instinct to care for itself.

What we eat is separate from how we feel as a result of such eating. Worrying about paying off debt and developing cancer. These are scientifically related cause and effect patterns that are simply not worth the money to infest in because of our designed need for drugs. we are a nation of addicts, popping pills whenever anything goes wrong. i am by no means implying that the basis of medicine is wrong in any way, people simply seem to believe that there is always a cure. the instant gratification of taking a pill for just about anything is more than just a placebo effect but also a highly addictive behavior, for when sick we become desperate to heal ourselves. You feel better even before the medicine has the time to kick in. Just knowing that your body now has the cure within it renews vigor dramatically, usually assisting the effects of the drug through confirmation bias and placebo effects. But enough about how the illusion of personal dichotomy is detrimental to our health, i am getting off topic.

Surely the animal sitting here watching the words crash and recede, ebb and flow, on to this intricate plastic paperweight's flashing rows of lights is just half of the equation. What is happening is not connecting two people. We sometimes get caught up looking at the hands in front of us and forget that those hands are our own. They are our self. My childhood memory lives on in the thumb that smacks the space bar over and over.

The self is a wave a body flowing up to a crown where look upon our body as the sea below, not realizing that we, in fact, are part of same thing.

There is the magical nature of human communication. We see the person in front of us and experience not only their body and physicality but also their mind and consciousness. Finally these apparently separate bodies come together. We don't differentiate between a person's body and person. We more see the body and mind as interconnected and complementary aspects of the same being. Connecting with another person then helps to ground the being in its own existence. There is no reason to assume that any one person has a vastly different experience than any other. Sure everybody has their own set of memories and attitudes but they still just have memories and attitudes just as we know that that is all we have.

 The personality is an extension of a person's body and vice-versa. Only through experiencing the other person in front of us to we really even have any evidence for interconnected-ness of our beings. The illusion of dichotomy destroyed by small talk. Yet the illusion persists, without it our understanding of the world would sink to the level of biases and neuro-psychology, (the science of how the structure of the brain effects our experiential being). Although these views are more accurate, taking into account scientific studies and knowledge of the brain, the conceptions of the brain that we have do not really allow for the kind of experience we have come to believe in. The way we think, perceive, and feel come under direct attack with a more informed view of the brain. This is a scary thought that challenges the common held concept of what it is to be.

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