Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What to do with all that land?


assuming that we transition fully from petroleum based products to renewable resources, there will be an incredible opening of land. This could mark the beginning of the end for newly opened land in the US. Our country has, at its core, the character of the opportunist. The vast landscapes were taken as property, turning many places (honestly, most places at this point in history) into pure opportunity. the rights to use a space free of human form.

^ I wrote this a while ago; this just now =>

 This change i speak of above means one thing. Opportunity. It may be because of the way I have built myself, accepting the actuality of large scale, endemic, pollution yet refusing to entertain the possibility that this was a fight we could lose. The target of this fight is a lack of understanding. Once a human gets something, it becomes real. Whether an understanding of a physical property or an understanding of an idea like faith, once grasped, removing an idea is neigh impossible.
Anyway, I took to seeing time move by, and change chugging along, but never in the direction I had hoped. Maybe all these decisions were made in offices and buildings and nobody important saw how things worked? Maybe they are all just greedy? Maybe just power hungry?

I realize now that everybody is doing they best they know how to do, that is all. We were all just taught different ways to be successful or to be happy. When we don't realize the world is much more varied than that, we can start to align and self-organize, rather than be centrally organized and controlled.