Monday, March 26, 2012

SOPA ALERT 3/26/2012

First now YouTube censorship. Me thinks this documentary might be interesting.

I really hope I'm wrong about this

I think SOPA has already been put into action.

It failed the congress, but that doesn't mean the tactics it described could not be implemented in another area of the government.


That excuse has been told time after time. Like the private army stationed PERMANENTLY in Iraq?

I can't say that I'm surprised though. And something tells me nothing is going to happen... nothing that we hear about at least. but then we will just be hearing noise from the government, noise they calculate that we want to hear. "I have absolutely no respect for the government." is something I hear all too often. There is a tremendous burden placed upon the idea of 'government', yet we still elect the same assholes year after year.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Excellent Excerpt

[A secret meeting between a disguised-as-a-cross-dresser FBI agent, Steeply, and handicapped member of a Quebec based terrorist cell, Marathe, atop a desert shelf outside of Tuscan.]
   'There is the villain he saw you needed, all of you, to delay this splitting apart. To keep you together, the hating some other. [President] Gentle is crazy in his head, but in this "fault of someone" he was correct in saying it. Un ennemi commun. But not someone outside you, this enemy. Someone of some people among you won history sometime killed out U.S.A. nation already, Hugh. Someone who had authority, or should have had authority and did not exercise authority. I do not know. But someone sometime let you forget how to choose, and what. Someone let your peoples forget it was the only thing of importance, choosing. So completely forgetting that when I way choose to you you make expressions with you face such as "Herrrrre we are going." Someone taught that temples are for fanatics only and took away the temples and promised there was no need for temples. And now There is no shelter. An no map for finding the shelter of a temple. And you all stumble about in the dark, this confusion of permissions. The without-end point pursuit of a happiness of which someone let you forget the old things which made happiness possible. How is it you say: "Anything is going"?'